The health of all our visitors, organisers and employees of Alte Oper Frankfurt is our greatest concern. In consideration of the SARSCoV-2 pandemic, a hygiene plan has been developed. Adherence to the protective hygiene measures agreed with the competent health authorities is a prerequisite for events taking place at Alte Oper Frankfurt. The consequent implementation of the following regulations allows for event opera-tions to resume, albeit in a limited capacity.

The most important points are listed below as examples.


We will, among other things, take care of:

100 % fresh air operation of the aeration and ventilation. High air exchange rates of the ventilation system, i.e. complete exchange of the room air within 30 minutes.

Fixed routing system

Information on the lifts and on the doors to the sanitary facilities: the maximum number of people must not be exceeded. Compliance will be enforced by the hostesses.

Signs with hygiene rules

Where possible, doors will be left open in order to avoid contact

Seating plans adjusted for applicable distancing regulations

Distance markers

Strict and thorough cleaning of all contact surfaces

Extensive disinfectant dispenser facilities

The following regulations apply in the building:

A face covering which covers your mouth and nose must be worn in Alte Oper Frankfurt

At events with fixed seating, visitors may remove their face covering during the event as soon as they have taken their seat.

The mandated minimum distancing of 1.5 m must be adhered to by everyone at all times. If it is not possible to keep 1.5 m apart, a face covering must be worn.

You must wash your hands thoroughly and regularly

Coughing and sneezing etiquette must be observed

If you have cold symptoms, do not attend an event.

People who, in the 14 days prior to the event in question, were resident in a risk area as defined by the Robert Koch Institute may only visit Alte Oper Frankfurt if they are in posses-sion of a negative test for SARSCoV- 2 which is less than 48 hours old upon entry into Germany or which took place immediately after entry into the country (e.g. at the airport). A list of the risk areas can be found under the following link:


  • Registering attendees, employees and service providers so that the health authorities can trace the infection chain through the event organiser
  • Seats assigned to attendees on an individual basis and documented by the organiser
  • Queueing should be avoided. Where this isn't possible, e.g. at the entrance, distance markers are to be placed  on the ground in consultation with Alte Oper Frankfurt. Some of these have already been installed.
  • Items accepted into cloakroom by AOF hostesses while adhering to protective measures (floor markings for  queues, plexiglass panels)
  • Routing to be adjusted according to the event
  • External hostess agencies cannot be used
  • Event catering to take place within the framework of currently applicable regulations. Individually-tailored plans  created by Kuffler AOF Restauration GmbH & Co.
STAND: 04 SEPT 2020